Thursday, July 27, 2017

She Kills Monsters Cast Bios

Aubrey Hoffer (Agnes Evans) is an incoming senior at Arizona State University, studying Political Science and Family and Human Development. She has been heavily involved in theatre since her childhood, having held key roles in Hamilton High School’s 2014 productions of The Odd Couple and The Yellow Boat. When she isn't crying over her impending graduation, she can be found doing stand-up comedy throughout the valley or wandering around aimlessly while she looks for her props. This is her first and likely last show with a youth theatre since she has the reached the ripe old age of twenty-one, but anticipates a jump into grown up theatre very soon. She encourages you to laugh at her jokes (really, she needs this) and support your local LGBTQ+ youth. 

Emma Wang (Tilly Evans) is absolutely thrilled to be a part of her first AYAA production especially as Tilly Evans, a dream role of hers. She has loved acting her entire life and can't wait to pursue it further at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Emma couldn't have asked for a better cast, crew, or production to send her off and is so endlessly grateful to all of her family and friends who have made being a part of this show so incredible. 

Bryce Dilullo (Chuck Biggs) is an 18 year old doing his best. He has been involved in community theater for the past three years, and it has easily been the most influential part of his life. Some of his favorite roles have included Potiphar in Joseph and Mushnik in Little Shop Of Horrors, both shows being with Actors Youth Theater. She kills monsters was a hootenanny and a half to perform, and an incredible amount of fun to produce, and a giant thank you to Mackenna, Grey, and all of AYAA for their passion and dedication to theater. 

Paige Gagliardi (Lilith) is 17 years old and attends Hamilton High. She has been dancing since she was 9 years old and joined theatre a year ago. She has previously been in Addams Family as Ensemble, Hairspray as Ensemble, Hamlet Thrill-ma-geddon as Queen Gertrude, Shrek as Ensemble, and the Drowsy Chaperone as Janet Van de Graff. Paige is so honored to be apart of SKM and would like to thank Mackenna Goodrich and Grey Smith for giving her this opportunity.

Aaron J. Brown (Orcus) is a National Honors Thespian, and has been acting since the 7th grade. He's like, mad stoked about She Kills Monsters. 

Autumn Neil (Kaliope) has done theatre since first grade. She's deeply involved in theatre at Hamilton High School, and she's excited for her first show with AYAA!

Edward "Eddie" Ernest Valencia Junior (Miles) Age: 20 Description: at 5'6.5" and 155 pounds, this little ball of energy is relatively new to the Theatre scene, but don't hold that against him. An Alumni of International Thespian Society Troupe 6030 in Chandler, Arizona, he enjoys to perform various types of theatre, particularly Improv and Pantomime, something he and Aaron J. Brown were praised for at the 2015 Arizona Thespian Festival, being the #1 pantomime duo in the state.

India Rose Chudnow (Vera) is one silly silly gal! She was last seen as Dolly in Hello Dolly at Mozeart Theater. Her favorite roles include Gym Teacher (Hairspray), Josephine (Big Fish), Marilla (Anne of Green Gables), and Grandma (Addams Family). India enjoys reading, indie pop rock, space, and memes. Much love to all of India's family and friends for all of their support in all of her endeavors and big big jazz hands for how awesome Mackenna is. (like/rt if you agree) For more fun follow India on Instagram: @india.rose

Dustin Noga (Steve) has been doing theatre for over three years now and has loved every single second of it. Whether it's playing a mysteriously attractive Interpol agent in Merry Murders at Montmarie or a Scottish Prince in Shakespeare's Macbeth, Dustin's passion for theatre has lead him here to play The Great Mage Steve in AYAA's production of She Kills Monsters!

From the young age of three, Nicole Boucher (Evil Gabbi) began her performing career as a ballet dancer. While she continued ballet throughout high school, she first dabbled in theatre through Childsplay workshops and play writing. Then, she officially entered the theatre world through Hamilton High School’s theatre program sophomore year. Performing in The Addams Family, Shrek: The Musical, and starring as Ophelia in The Hamlet Thrill-Ma-Geddon, she hopes to continue her participation in theatre throughout college. She thanks her parents, Mackenna Goodrich and Grey Smith for directing the show, and all who supported the making of the production. 

She Kills Monsters is Jazmyne Plantillas's (Evil Tina) first community theatre show, though she has been seen before in The Hamlet Thrill Ma Geddon and Shrek the Musical. Jazmyne is thrilled to be a part of such a unique production. 

Mariah Gessele (Farrah) enjoys acting as well as working behind the scenes. She is passionate about makeup and costumes. This is Mariah's first performance with AYAA!

Jae Luna (Narrator) is 15 years old, currently going to Chandler High School as a sophomore! I've been playing softball since I was 8, and am still somehow kicking as a pitcher and third baseman. I haven't been doing theatre for a long time, but have grown to love it and am extremely grateful for being in this show.

Noah Delgado (Student) is incredibly excited to be making his debut on the Fountain Hills Theater stage. Noah is a student journalist and has written for as well as hosted the food webseries, “Served.” As an actor, some of his credits include Amos Calloway in the Arizona premiere of Big Fish; for which he earned an NYA Award nomination; Guthry Brentwood in The Haunted, Alfred P. Doolittle in My Fair Lady, and Count Dracula in Dracula. He also appeared in Tuscany Theatre Company's production of Arcadia as Augustus/Gus Coverly. He would like to thank Mackenna, Grey and the entire cast and crew for making this such a fun experience, as well as his family for their never ending love and support!

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