Tuesday, July 10, 2018


The Arizona Young Actors' Alliance proudly presents Friend Art, a play by Sofia Alvarez and directed by Grey Smith!!

Come support Arizona Young Actors' Alliance's second full length production, Friend Art by Sofia Alvarez.

"Molly and Kevin are engaged. They have “normal” jobs. Kevin and Nate have known each other since they were kids. Nate used to be famous once. He just broke up with Lil, who does performance art, and she used to work with Molly, who wanted to be an actress a long time ago. These relationships come to a head when Kevin decides he no longer wants the regular life he convinced Molly to live with him. Friend Art asks how late is too late to give up on your dreams, when are you really a grown-up, and what the hell are you supposed to say when walking out of a friend’s truly terrible performance?"

Directed by Grey Smith

Starring Aubrey Hoffer, India Rose Chudnow, Kyle Watkins, and Payten McLeod.

July 26th and 28th at 7:30 pm at Lone Tree Golf Course

Theatre!!! Youth!! Female playwrights!!!

The bar at the venue will also be open and drinks will be available for purchase. 

**Probably best suited for ages 15 and up

Tickets are $12 both online and at the door. At the door, tickets can be paid for with cash or through Venmo @Mackenna-Goodrich. (Please do NOT Venmo ahead of time; only at the door night of.) TO BUY ONLINE, CLICK HERE FOR THE TICKET LEAP.

ALSO, guys, plays cost m o n e y. So if you can't see the show but wanna support or just wanna throw some dollars at me from the goodness of your heart, we also have a link for Paypal donations. 

Finally, whoa, is this making you nostalgic for last summer's She Kills Monsters? Or for any of the awesome theatre that has happened this past year? Maybe consider throwing down some nominations for The 3rd Annual AYAA Awards. Here's that linky poo so you can do that

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